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Salt Dogg Truck Spreader


– $8000 New
– 4 yard capacity
– Gas engine
– GREAT condition
– Spare brand new conveyer chain
– Rear LED backup light + rotating beacon
– Backup camera
– Custom cover
– Hitch backup bar


– Multihog CX75 articulated tractor

– 75hp
– Spring suspension
– Optional mechanical PTO
– Hydraulic high-flow
– 25mph


– Multihog MH90 fully hydraulic articulated tractor

– 31gpm
– 5000psi
– 25mph


Multihog MX120 fully hydraulic articulated tractor

– 120hp
– 31gpm
– 25mph

Simex cold planer 18

Starting at $14,500 ($20,500 new)

– Fits Multihog MH or MX models
– Model: PL4520
Super-efficient patch planer for removing potholes on highways. The 450mm (17.7 in) planer has an adjustable planing depth of 0-150 mm (0-6 in) and a side shift function. Low noise levels & excellent vibration damping provide a safe environment for the operator.


Metal pless snow blade 60

Starting at  $4,995 ($6,695 new)

Three-point hitch for ag tractor or Multihog CX (tractor available for additional cost)tractor
– “Heavy duty” construction
– Double action hydraulics “Pression Maxx” exclusive to Metal Pless
– “Heavy duty” CHT400 steel mechanical trip edge ½’’ x 6’’
– Adjustable angular system of the blade
– Adjustable crossover relief valve for hydraulic protection
– Lateral floating of the blade
– Baked powder paint
– This system requires 2 sets of oil outlets


Vacuum sweeper attachment

Starting at $38,450 ($75,600 new)

 Model: TKK-MO8
– Fits Multihog CX
– PM10 compliant

Made of stainless steel (EN 1.4301) with volumes from 1.0 m³ to 1.7 m³. The hopper has an integrated fresh water tank with 200l – 430l.

Tipping height: 1,400mm


Erskine power angle broom 48

Starting at $3,995 ($4,470 new)

– Model: Mini Power Angle Broom
– Fits Mini skid steer or Multihog CX with adapter ($995)
– Direct-drive design
– Power angling (optional)
– Angles 25° to the right and left
– Storage stands come standard

Combi snowplow/broom 94

Starting at $16,250 ($26,450 new)

– Model: MCP2400
-Fits Multihog MH or MX models
Designed by our in-house engineering team, the combi snow plough & brush attachment is self-centering and can be angled +/-32°. With this one-man operation, the plough is used for initial clearance, whilst the brush ensures a clean finish for the surface. Available in various widths from 1600 – 2700 mm (63 – 106 in)


Starting at $12,500 ($16,250 new)

-Model: OBKS90-45
The Multihog combined weed brush and edging blade is a cost-effective solution for chemical-free weed removal in municipalities and private facilities. The large brush (90cm/35in diameter) ensures minimal damage to the ground surface, and it also operates at low noise levels. Both the brush arm and edging blade are hydraulically adjustable in height and width from within the Multihog cabin.




Multihog has evolved into a must-have tractor used by the world’s busiest airports, local authorities & contractors. These versatile machines can be outfitted with several attachments, such as sweepers, front-mounted snowblowers and plows, making them ideal for multi-season use. At Alpine Smith, we’re the largest reseller of Multihog tractors in the world. We know the equipment inside and out, and make sure we’re giving our customers the very best on the market. We even personally deliver these tractors across the U.S. and North America, so we can shake hands with people who will be working with these machines everyday. 

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