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Incline Village lies on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, in an area spanning 56 km² (35 sq. miles). Its General Improvement District (IVGID) is a community partner which provides utility and recreational facilities for the Village’s 8,500-strong population. population. For IVGID Fleet Superintendent Rich Allen, it’s a task which has become a whole lot easier since he took delivery of a Multihog back in September 2018. The MX 120 multi-purpose tractor is fitted with a snow blower for winter use and a front-mounted flail mower for the summer season. “We mostly use our Multihog for snow blowing on sites related to the water and sewer system. In summer, it mows ski slopes for us, as well as the off-site water treatment ponds,” explains Rich.

The District t The District traded in an old machine from a competing manufacturer. It was used with a snowblower, and had a lot of mechanical problems. The operators were also vocal about its lack of comfort. Rich took this feedback into account when choosing a new machine, as he considers staff happiness an important part of the District’s
responsibility: “The area the Multihog operates in is within an 11-mile radius of the Public Works office. It doesn’t sound that far, but if you’re driving an old, bumpy machine all d machine all day, it matters. The operators LOVE the driveability and comfort of the Multihog for their longer journeys.” Other factors in the purchasing decision were the
Multihog’s simple design and the fact that it is hydrostatically driven. As their old machine was also multifunctional, the IVGID were keen to maintain that versatility. Rich says he has seen 3 major benefits since the Multihog joined the fleet: a drastic increase in operator comfort, better driveability, and crucially, (for snow blowing), increased reliabilit increased reliability. The District is also planning to add an easement attachment to
the fleet, for the sewer department to use on the Multihog tractor.

From a health and safety perspective, the Multihog has been a revelation. “We added a huge rear bumper/grill and extra lights, which help our operators to identify hazards. It’s also much safer when driving at speed than our previous machine. The smooth ride, quiet cab and all-round comfort the Multihog offers is above and beyond what our operators have been used to,” explains Rich. As Fleet Superintendent, reliability is important for Rich. Compared to the old machine, the Multihog has been a breath of fresh air. “From a maintenance standpoint we have far fewer problems and less downtime than other similar equipment in our fleet, and dealer support has been superb time than other similar equipment in our fleet, and dealer support has been superb.”






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