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Round Hill General Improvement District in Nevada is responsible for maintaining over 8 miles of roads and curbs, water treatment and storm water collection. It serves over 500 residential and commercial customers in Zephyr Cove, which is located on Lake Tahoe. Given its alpine location, the District is guaranteed snow each winter, and it maintains a fleet of machinery for winter service. In May 2019, local dealer Alpine Smith Inc. delivered a Multihog MH tractor to the District. Designated for winter
service, the MH is fitted with a snow blower and a winged plow.

The Multihog was chosen over many other competing machines, and Round Hill’s previous unit, a multi-purpose machine from another manufacturer, is now used as a back-up machine in the fleet. The MH was chosen for various reasons, including its power, which is essential for heavy-duty snow blowing. Round Hill also rated its
excellent visibility and the ability to add new attachments for other tasks in the future. The fact that the Multihog is so simple to operate, especially for a machine which will be used in winter service, was a key factor in the decision. The presence of a good local dealer also assured the District that after-sales care would not be an issue. 


District Manager Andrew Hickman hoped that the Multihog would prove to be a better solution for snow blowing. He quickly discovered that it was a versatile and impressive option for all snow removal tasks. “Our MH outperforms our older snow blower by at least 200%. It can handle all types of snow with a greater output and much faster.” Local dealer Alpine Smith Inc. added a rear bumper to help reduce the risk of obstacle collisions in the dark winter hours when the MH will be busiest. For summer use, the District is hoping to add a front sweeper some time in the future. 

Performance, coupled with health and safety, is the ultimate goal for winter ops, as Andrew explains. “We’ve received nothing but compliments about our snow removal efforts from customers since the Multihog has arrived. Our operators absolutely love using it and feel much safer than with our old machine.” Andrew is enthusiastic about how their MH has changed the District’s operations. “The best application that we have found for it is during “clean-up”. We use the plow attachment with articulating wings to keep snow berms out of driveways, quickly clear cul-de-sacs and dead-end streets, and streets, and keep our roads nice and wide for vehicles to travel.”


multihog construction machinery






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